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Our Sweet Date Valentines Day


Spring Break is just around the corner, and your boyfriend wants to surprise you with a romantic holiday. He won’t tell you where you’re going, but as sweet as he is, you just know it’s going to be somewhere great! Don’t let him show you up though! Design him a romantic card as a gift and tell him how you really feel. With his sweet date idea and your sweet gift, this will be one Spring Break you’ll never forget!In Our Sweet Date – Spring Break, get ready for your big night out with your handsome boyfriend! Enjoy a spa facial to clean up your skin and make it glow, then fix your makeup just right with tons of options to choose from. Once your makeup and hair is fixed, pick out the perfect outfit to blow him away. Design a card for your date with patterns, stickers, and a message of love, then dress him up too before you head out for your romantic evening. This is one holiday you’ll never want to end!
Product Features:- Spring Break themed beauty salon game.- Easy to use controls.- Fun makeover tools with tons of options.- Spa treatment options to clean up and brighten your skin.- Beautiful eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and more.- Gorgeous outfits to choose from for your big date!- Card design mode.- Makeover your boyfriend, too!
How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play the game.- Relax at the spa, then do makeup and hair.- Pick out a gorgeous outfit for your big date.- Design a beautiful card as a gift for your boyfriend!- Makeover your boyfriend before you hit the town!
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